SIMNORAT is overseen by a Steering Committee -— the composition of which includes a single representative from the coordinator, competent authorities of Portugal, Spain and France, each partner, EASME, and the Commission. The Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance to the Project Group on the scope and focus of proposed action. Observers may be invited to attend all/part meetings.

The Steering Committee composition is described below.

  • DIRM NAMO (Marine Interregional Direction, region North Atlantic Western Channel), France
  • DIRM SA (Marine Interregional Direction, region South Atlantic), France
  • PREMAR Atlantic (Maritime prefecture, region Atlantic), France
  • University of Aveiro, Portugal
  • DGRM (Directorate General for Natural Ressources, Maritime Safety and Services), Portugal
  • CEDEX (Study and Experimentation Centre), Spain
  • IEO (Oceanographic Institute), Spain
  • MAPAMA (Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment), Spain
  • AFB (French Biodiversity Agency), France
  • CEREMA (Expertise Centre on Risks studies, Environment, Mobility and space planning), France
  • CRPM (Conference of Peripherical Maritime Regions), France
  • DML (Maritime and Littoral Delegation), France
  • SGMer (Secretariat General to the Sea), France