SIMNORAT Workshop: Case Study of the Galician Bank and the Vigo and Vasco da Gama seamount

Vigo, 28th November 2018

In the framework of the SIMNORAT project, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography organized on the 28th of November 2018 the ” Workshop SIMNORAT-Case study of the Galicia Bank and the Vigo and Vasco da Gama seamount” with Portuguese and Spanish stakeholders from the different sectors of marine-maritime activities with interests in the area. The workshop took place at the Technological Center of the Sea (CETMAR) in Vigo, which hosted the event, in collaboration with the University of Aveiro (UAVR) and the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX).

During the cross-border workshop, which was part of the project “Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Northern European Atlantic” (SIMNORAT), the pilot case study of a Cross-border Marine Protected Area (TMPA) between Spain and Portugal was discussed. This case study aimed to assess the problems (synergies, conflicts, pressures and gaps) that could arise between different activities/uses as result of the implementation of new protection figures around several seamounts near the limit of the continental shelf, as well as possible solutions and mechanisms for cross-border cooperation.



Short workshop report (English)

Short workshop report (Spanish)

SIMNORAT Information Sheet (Spanish)

Workshop materials in Portuguese and Spanish:


Contexto general (Pt)

Contexto general (Sp)

Energías renovables

Minería Submarina


Pesca Marítima

Mapa contexto general