This activity will focus on aspects critical to MSP (e.g. distribution and trends with regard to sectorial activities, data and information, assessment of current and future impacts on (trans-boundary marine areas), informed by C1.1, which will be of most benefit to Member States in their implementation of the MSP Directive. Spatial analysis will be undertaken related to the potential future development of maritime sectors (including conservation) taking into account the current distribution and trends and securing the ecological integrity of the SIMNORAT area (C1.3.2). Governance
issues will also be considered identifying procedures that facilitate authorities and stakeholders’ involvement in the MSP.

Since this task is aimed at supporting MS implementation, the activity will consider National priorities in setting an MSP process, depending on national objectives and understanding of the contextual National and International framework, along with the status of the implementation of the MSP Directive. Activities at national scale could then be concentrated on: stakeholders mapping and engagement; data gathering and management; national MSP initial assessment to identify MSP priorities; cost-benefit analysis; analysis of the relations and coordination with other relevant sea-related policy implementation processes (e.g. the more advanced MFSD implementation, in particular the Programme of Measures; CFP; H&B Directives; Renewable Energy Directive, etc.); governance issues and responsibility on marine spaces, administrative organisation related to the MSP process implementation, etc.

In this task, the analysis is focused on the domain of national marine waters, including the continental shelf, and areas of national responsibilities.

C1.3.1. Develop and propose a conceptual methodology for transboundary MSP in the Northern Atlantic, with operational details on selected aspects

C1.3.2. Spatial demands and future trends for maritime sectors and marine conservation

C1.3.3. Data and information requirements for MSP

C1.3.4. Tools and methods supporting MSP process

C1.3.5. Improving stakeholder engagement

C1.3.6. Establish Case Studies on Approaches to MSP Implementation