Specific Objective: To investigate current and potential future spatial demands of key maritime sectors, with reference to cross-border issues.

Maritime sectors demand

Analysis of spatial demand for the main activities will be based on literature review and refined through workshops with representatives of government and industry, and other economic sectors involved.

For stakeholders’ workshops (C1.3.5) to be efficient, they will be based on best practice collecting regarding prospective studies on maritime activities.

Conservation demand

The demand for marine conservation will be analysed through comparison ofexisting strategies of the countries and a first indication on ecological coherence of the existing network (based upon OSPAR methodology for example).

To support this assessment, completion of the North East Atlantic MPA database, gathering OSPAR MPAs (http://1npa.ospar.org) and as well other national MPAs (http://wwwmaia-network.org), will be performed. This action will include an update with recent MPAs that are still not in the database and a completion of attributes describing each MPA, especially regarding species and habitats covering and level of uses regulation within the MPAs as well. Statistics will be calculated to better inform the network assessment. Action for the database interoperability will
be undertaken as well.

Outputs: Overview report on the current state and potential future spatial requirements of key maritime activities in the Northem European Atlantic area (this will include consideration of the inter-relationship between marine sectors and marine conservation) and sector/interest specific information in the most useful format, e.g. sector briefing notes, information in documents supporting MSP in Member States.